About Geopost

Geopost is an international mailing service company.  Founded in 1991, our team’s expertise and dedication has established us as a proven leader in our field.  With decades of experience understanding complex global trade trends and a solid reputation for trustworthy and reliable service, Geopost is able to provide unmatched customer care.

Because our success depends on outstanding customer service, we work closely with our customers to understand their needs and ensure that Geopost delivers the best solutions for their business. 

Geopost has forged alliances with some of the most important networks in the international mail and shipping industry.  These partnerships ensure the continued success and expansion of the company, as well as providing for the most adaptable, cost-effective and efficient customer focused infrastructure available in the industry.

Let Geopost take the confusion out of your international mailing and shipping requirements.  Whether you’re shipping letters, magazines, parcels, or freight, we can simplify the process while offering significant savings.


Power your business with reliable and fast shipping!